NOSE WAX 60 ml
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Nose wax that brings creepy characters to life! Big effect and easy to work with.

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  • Make witch noses, blisters or deformities with nose wax from Grimas. The wax is malleable and easy to work with and is especially useful on the face. On more moving parts of the body, we recommend using Grimas Derma Wax instead.


    - Apply the nose wax on clean and oily skin where no cream has been applied.

    - For an extra good adhesion, you can cleanse the skin first with Cleansing Lotion.

    - Use the curved edge of the Derma Wax spatula to take nose wax out of the jar.

    - Make a ball with your fingers and press it firmly in the desired place.

    - Do not hold the nose wax too long between the fingers as it will otherwise become sticky due to the heat of the hands.

    - Models with a dabbing movement with the fingertip, whereby you also constantly press. NB: do not rub.

    - When your deformity has the right shape, you can smoothen it all out and perfect it with a little Grimas Cleansing Cream. Do not rub for too long as the nose wax will otherwise get too hot.

    - You can dye the nose wax with red cream make-up to achieve an effect of bloodshot skin. Then apply skin-colored cream make-up.

    - After you have powdered, you can apply a skin-like structure using a stubble sponge.

    - Scrape the nose wax off the skin with the Derma Wax spatula.

    - Then massage Grimas Multi Remover Pure or Cleansing Cream into the skin and remove it with a napkin.

    - Cleanse the skin afterwards with Cleansing Lotion.

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