Itemnumber: 2010
DKK 180.00 / pcs
DKK 144.00 ex. VAT
Great set of silks, if you are performing magic for children. Together with a change bag you will with these silks get some good minutes of magic entertainment. You receive 3 pcs. of special printed 45 x 45 cm. silks together with a presentation by Duanne Laflin.

More information

  • A silk with a black dog and a silk with a white dog, magically come together and generate a silk with a dalmatian! 

    This trick was invented and produced by Vincenzo Di Fatta. The routines are of  Duane Laflin.

    • Comes in a set of three 18' silks.
    • 100% pure silk.

    You will also need some kind of a change bag. You will find several possibilities below.

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