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You might still remember when David Copperfield performed "The Floating Rose" on TV? We now offer you the upgrated "Floating Rose Package" from Kevin James. It includes the video with all the details, the special thread, a rose and a new clever gimmick.

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  • The magician invites a lady from the audience to participate. He crumples a paper napkin into a little ball. It begins to dance on his hand and then up and down his arm. He then transfers his power to the spectator and she is able to command the ball to dance. He then opens the paper ball showing that there is nothing inside.

    The magician folds the napkin into a paper rose and the flower magically stands up on his open hand! It then floats right in front of the magician and the spectator. He then passes his hands around the floating rose and lights it on fire. In a flash, it visibly changes into a real rose!!! He then gives the rose to the volunteer as she returns to her seat.

    This new 2022 Complete Floating Rose Package includes: Kevin’s special invisible thread, a thread dispenser and online instructions.


    “I have seen lots of thread effects and forgotten most.  Kevin’s Floating Rose is unforgettable!” – Finn Jon

    “This is one of my favorite magic routines I like to perform.  Kevin is a genius!” – Yu Hojin

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