GIFT BAG-O-PLENTY - Bruce Kalver
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DKK 450.00 / pcs
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This doesn't looks like a magic prop at all. Just an "ordinary" paper bag, where you can change things or make your spectators choose exactly what you want them to. Great for comedy, mentalism and more!

More information

  • This is not a normal change bag. Rather it is a choice bag. Nothing looks like a stage prop. Everything looks normal. Unlike a change bag, you can’t “feel” the other stuff. Magician forces whatever he chooses. No twisting or turning, this bag works unlike other bags. Packs flat for easy traveling.

    What can you do with this bag?

    - Do the old Maurice Fogel routine of capsules with questions inside. Boy gets easy questions, father gets hard questions.

    - Put a dog hat on a person and he keeps picking out dog biscuits while the other spectator gets candy.

    - Tell a spectator “No matter what you do, DON’T PICK THE RED BALL!“ Of course he keeps picking red.

    - Let a spectator choose a ballon, place it in the bag and the tip out a balloon dog in the same colour!

    Lots of possibilities!

    Solid and durable gimmick which can easily be moved to another bag. In the package you get paper bags in four different colours, so you will have for a very long time. You also receive a good written explanation and ideas and routines from Bruce Kalver himself and George Schindler, along with a videolink where Bruce shows you his handling.

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