LIONS GIANT MONTE - Brother's Magic
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The Three Card Monte has always been a popular concept. Now you can take it to the stage with these 45 x 32 cm. solid playing cards with several new advantages. Comes with routine and wooden stand. Available at Pegani with red or blue back.

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  • There are so many routines inspired by the classic Three Card Monte. So is "LIONS MONTE PRO" by Brother's Magic. But it might be the largest version you have ever had.

    Lions Monte is based on a concept used by Harry Anderson and comes with
    many improvements and a brand new routine to music.

    The effect is simple, the magician shows Ace, King and Queen. This is followed by a classic game with spectators, where they have to watch the movement of individual cards (monte). At the end, the magician turns all the cards into queens of hearts.

    This version brings about many advantages:
    - New size (45 x 32 cm.), usable for various types of performances.
    - High-quality material, easy to wash, and durable.
    - Advanced technology was used for printing.
    - The cards' thickness is designed to make their manipulation as comfortable as possible.
    - The round corners of the card add a visual perfection.
    - You will find an original design with the iconic double-tailed lion on the back.
    - Available at Pegani with either red or blue back.
    - The marks for a magician's quick navigation are well hidden.
    - Thanks to the Ace of Diamonds, the magician doesn't need to worry about the cards being inverted.
    - The cards offer a two-phase routine - a classical Monte and a Three Queen Reveal.

    The cards are produced in the Czech Republic and comes with a suitable wooden stand. You also receive instruction for the easy handling in a unique routine by Pavel Dolejska.