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Do you want to perform something funny, different and with a surprising climax? With MEGA DUCE you squeeze a large red die into a round tube, and guess what happens...?! Modern and well thought out version of "Cube In A Tube".

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  • Many years ago, we sold a fantastic stage effect called "Cube-In-A-Tube." Invented by Arthur Setterington and produced by the long-gone Supreme Magic in England. Now, Tora Magic Company has refined the secret and brought the fun idea up-to-date. They call the act "MEGA DICE", and we believe you will enjoy performing it!

    The magician displays a large red die with white dots. He places the die in an empty black box and closes a lid at both the top and bottom. At one end, there is a large round hole in the lid. Now for the fun part...

    A black tube is shown empty. It is placed on top of the hole where the die can be seen. Slowly, the tube is pressed down through the die! When the box is opened, the die is gone, only the tube remains. And out of it appears... a compressed giant round die!

    A completely different and fantastic transformation that leaves no trace of the square die.

    It is so well-made that you can present MEGA DICE for smaller gatherings with your audience up close. But it also plays big enough to show for a larger audience.

    Easy to handle, and thanks to modern technology, new materials, and built-in magnets, MEGA DICE appears much more magical than the original version.

    MEGA DICE comes complete and ready to use with instructional video.

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