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Wayne Dobson's take on a Milbourne Christopher comedy classic. Whether you're a magician, entertainer or MC, you will not go wrong with this entertaining piece. Somes with specially made gimmick, performance rights and routine.

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  • When Wayne Dobson was 18, he came up with a routine for what is known as "The Sign" or "Magic Compass". At the time he felt he was too young to perform it as the patter didn't suit his age. Wayne forgot about it and went on to become a superstar! After a session with Michael Fitch, his memory was ignited and with the help of Mike Sullivan, they came up with a new routine and killer kicker ending that your audience will love.

    The whole routine, including the gags, specially made gimmick and performance rights making this a suitable opening routine for anybody! So whether you're a magician, entertainer or compere, you won't go "wrong" with Wayne Dobson's "Misdirection".

    The routine is inspired by Milbourne Christopher's "Hi-Sign". Now available at Pegani for a very fair price.

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