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Picking up a needle, you plunge it into the bare flesh of your forearm! Even though the blood continues to flow down your arm, amazingly the arm is unharmed. Scary realistic! From Viking Magic we got the finest Needle Thru Arm ever made.

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  • Bruce Spangler invented the Needle Thru Arm for the premier opening of the movie "Macumba Love". The Needle effect was used in the lobby performance to bring in the crowds. Many people fainted, etc. so nurses were standing by. This created such a sensation that audiences flooded the theatre after hearing about the Voodoo Ritual presented LIVE!

    No one else than Viking Mfg. has ever been granted manufacturing rights. At Pegani we want to stock the best versions, and this is the finest Needle Thru Arm you will ever find. It even comes with a 
    Lifetime Guarantee against defective unit.

    Your story begins on the outskirts of a small Haitian village where zombies are said to roam and Voodoo is a fact of life. A 27 cm. long needle is displayed. It is used to pop a balloon, attesting to its authenticity. The blood ritual is about to begin... The needle is now slowly run through the upper portion of the performer's forearm. Through sheer will power he controls the flow of blood!

    Suddenly the performer is distracted and the blood begins to flow. The needle is moved in and out of the freshly made wound. This is as real as Magick gets.

    The needle is removed and a smaller (carpet) needle is used to "stitch" the wound closed. The thread is pulled, ripping through the skin. When the audience believes they have seen it all, the Magus passes his hand over the wound and it heals itself!

    No latex or fake skin. Realistic, visual and safe.

    Harry Anderson popularized this stunt with his own routine. Watch the old YouTube-video and you will understand why...

    Comes complete with Deluxe Stainless Steel Needle, the correct custom blended 'blood', extra darning needle, vaseline, alcohol plus other necessary items, including the detailed instructions with George Robinson's personal routine.

    Do not confuse this with cheaper unauthorized versions like "The Harry Anderson Needle", etc. This is the only authorized version, now vastly improved. Lifetime Guarantee!

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