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New fantastic product for your family-friendly shows, from the English children's entertainer Ron Gilbert. An entertaining sucker-effect with a very fun routine that will make everyone in the audience laugh.

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  • New fantastic product for your family-friendly shows, from the English children's entertainer Ron Gilbert.

    A child is invited to the stage and you explain that in a moment he will choose a picture and you (as the wise magician that you are) will know exactly what he chose. When the spectator stands by your side, you show the audience your prediction - a giant card with a picture of a chicken. The card is placed with the back facing forwards in an open frame.

    You then take a stack of 10 giant cards and show the front of them to the audience who laughs a bit, because all 10 cards depict the same chicken. You turn the cards face up, and now ask the spectator to choose a random Card. He draws one and you ask him to hold it towards his body. 

    You ask your assistant: "Has what you have on the card wings and can it fly?" "Yes," the spectator responds and you continue: "Is there anything red on the card ... and something yellow"? Again the spectator nods. "Does it lay eggs"? You continue, but to your's and the audience's surprise, the spectator shakes his head and answers no. The spectator's card is revealed and turns out to be an airplane. Everybody thinks you've made a mistake, but when the card in the frame is once again revealed, it has magically turned into exactly the same motive!

    An entertaining sucker-effect with a very fun routine. You receive huge cards with beautiful prints in 4 colors, frame in wood and detailed explanation.

    Click at the YouTube video to enjoy John Kimmons performing Picture Fun.

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