UNPLUGGED - Rubén Vilagrand
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We love to get unique quality props like this on our shelves. This is Pavel's Super Walking Knot in a brand new version - directly from the professional award-winning repertoire of Spanish Rubén Vilagrand.

More information

  • The Spanish multiple award-winner Rubén Vilagrand (which you might have seen at the TV-show “Le Plus Grand Cabaret Le Monde”), is the creator of this effect. After years of working with the Unplugged routine, he has finally decided to share his creation with the magic community.

    Ruben has a passion for magic with rope and with this routine he applies his knowledge to something new and fresh. The result is an original routine with electrical plugs! You might recognize the beauty of this effect from Pavel’s original Super Walking Knot (which we, by the way, still carry in our assortement).

    On the stage is a cable over 10 meters long with a plug in the middle. The magician unplugs the cable, splitting the cord into two pieces. In the same moment the two parts go back together, the plug slides down the cable by gravity, until it stops at a new point, where it can be unplugged again with complete freedom! Yes, it seems like the magician can unplug and split the cable wherever he wants...

    This amazing effect can be repeated until the magician finally ties the cable roughly in the center, leaving the plugs loose. With his mouth he then removes the center with the plugs!

    Click here to watch the full routine as performed at The Magic Castle in Hollywood.

    - Selfworking easy to perform.
    - Packs to a very small size, but works both for small rooms up to large stages.
    - An extremely original and versatile routine.
    - Rubén Vilagrand attaches the cable to a vintage transistor radio, but the plug can easily be attached to any electrical apparatus: a bulb, a lamp, a loudspeaker, a robot or even an electric saw..
    - An exceptional trick of the highest quality, designed exclusively for "Unplugged".
    - Every trick is checked by hand before shipping.

    What you will receive in your box:
    • More than 10 meters of cable-rope prepared for the different phases.
    • Custommade plugs.
    • Clear instruction video.

    Rubén has asked us to make these disclaimers:
    The box does not include the radio that Ruben uses in his performance.
    The prop is not a real electrical component - don't plug it into AC/DC.
    Rubén Vilagrand does not take any responsibility of any accident or misuse of the product.


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