Itemnumber: JO1762
DKK 149.00 / pcs
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Flexible aluminium, with an energy restoration value situated between that of the carbon and the ALU ST 50 sticks. Coloured aluminium for a personalized look.

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  • The Mr Babache Anodised Aluminium diabolo handsticks are the same weight and length as the very popular original Henry's aluminium diablo hand stick design but with a very slightly wider, "ergonomic" hand grip which has gentle contours to fit nicely in your hands.. The handle is 6.3" (16cm) long and has a diameter of roughly 0.8" (20mm). Babache call these "Alu St Flex" and although they do have a tiny element of spring to them it is hardly noticeable so those who like quite a rigid stick should not be put off. These are short lightweight diabolo hand sticks, ideal for all levels of user. Because the aluminium is just 0.25" (7mm) in diameter these sticks are much better for grinds than the fatter wooden handsticks. As with all our diablo handsticks, a length of string is included.

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