ANSIGTSSMINKE 2 - Janus Vinther
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Book filled with tips, tricks and inspiration for you, who is already familiar with the art of face painting. 158 pages filled with step-by-step photos and lots of practical advice.

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  • Paint all sorts of beautiful figures, animals and adventurous creatures with this book by Janus Vinther about face make-up.

    A handbook with 82 beautiful step-by-step photo series of face make-up. The photo series are divided into the topics:

    • Animal masks
    • Halloween theme
    • Designs for girls
    • Painted tattoos
    • Science Fiction
    • Splatter
    • Other motives

    The book is not for beginners, but like Janus Vinther's first book on face make-up, it will be loved by everyone who works with face makeup. An inviting and beautiful inspiration book for facepainters and face painters of children, which will especially inspire large children and adults who have some experience with make-up. The book also includes chapters on color theory, face make-up through the ages, and helpful tips and tricks if you want to work as a face painter. In addition, you will find a lot of extra inspiration, ideas and galleries on the book's 158 pages. The book is provided with a detailed introduction to tools and materials as well as working methods.


    Lecturer's statement by: Inger Søndergaard, DBC:

    "Make-up and masking of children's faces, colloquially called face painting, is again popular. Janus Vinther's new book is volume 2 of: Drama's major book on Face Makeup from 2005, which has been published in several editions since. He is an active face painter and holds courses and workshops about it.Now he kindly pours out his abilities and experience in a comprehensive visual handbook divided into categories.The instructions of the masks are shown step by step with color photos and captions.A small barometer in the corner shows the degree of difficulty.The book begins with a short presentation of materials and products and working as a facepainter. Finally, there are extra pages with inspiration and a section on face painting around the world. "