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Blood paste for scary effects and wild costumes. Fast delivery and wide assortment at Pegani.

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  • Grimas Blood Paste is a deep red very thick paste that is used to make old wounds (lumpy blood) and various special effects. The structure can be modeled shortly after application (approximately 5 minutes). Blood paste is supplied in 60 ml tubes.


    - To make the paste adhere extra well to the skin, first cleanse with Grimas Cleansing Lotion.

    - Apply Blood Paste with a Derma Wax spatula. The rigid structure of the solder paste allows you to create three-dimensional effects.

    - Close the packaging thoroughly after use.

    - Scrape the blood paste off the skin with a Derma Wax spatula.

    - Remains of blood paste is first removed with cold water and then with water and soap.

    - If blood, film blood or blood paste has got on the clothes, rinse it under a tap.

    - Then soak the garment in water with a prewash detergent (Biotex)

    - Then wash it by hand or in the washing machine

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