Itemnumber: G9502
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Cleansing Lotion from Grimas can be used to prepare the skin for make-up or to remove make-up. Very popular among professionel clowns and artists.

More information

  • Grimas Cleansing Lotion is a cleansing lotion that cleanses and degreases the skin extra well and can be used both before and after makeup.
    The lotion is delivered in 100 ml bottles.

    Moisten a cotton ball with Grimas Cleansing Lotion and you have a practical cleanser for different uses:
    Skin cleansed with Cleansing Lotion makes it easier to apply makeup evenly and without irregularities.
    If something needs to be stuck to the skin (Grimas Derma Wax, Nose Wax), a pre-treatment with Cleansing Lotion ensures better adhesion.
    You can make eyeliner from Grimas Eyeshadow / Rouge using Cleansing Lotion.
    You can also use it to remove Eyeshadow / Rouge.
    You also use Cleansing Lotion to remove any shadows of colors that are still present on the skin after the makeup is cleansed.