Facepaint - Premium kit
Itemnumber: 1200XL
DKK 1,245.00 / pcs
DKK 996.00 ex. VAT
The premium kit of facepaint, that enables you to paint all the faces of the world. Kit of face paint and tools for kindergartens, institutions, etc.

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  • Premium kit with water-based face paint from Grimas. The set contains everything you need to paint faces in kindergarten, for birthdays or for holidays. A complete kit of colors and tools to use to make beautiful faces. With the included inspiration book with 82 different step-by-step photos of face makeup in 7 categories, you are well prepared to make fun and spooky faces for parties and costumes.

    The premium kit can be combined with the individual colors and tools from Grimas.

    The premium kit includes:

    1 x 24 colors Grimas water make-up

    1 x 12 colors Grimas pearl water makeup

    2 x size 2 ox hair pencil 

    2 x size 4 ox hair pencil 

    2 x size 6 ox hair pencil 

    2 x size 10 ox hair pencil 

    1 x stubble sponges rough

    1 x stibble sponges fine

    1 x black pencil

    1 x red pencil

    2 x Under base make-up

    15 x round sponge

    1 x inspiration book


    Pegani has been selling Grima's face makeup for over 30 years. We are proud of our range and if you buy an item from Pegani, you can count on the quality being in order and being backed by both service and the right of return.

    For institutions it is possible to pay with EAN number.