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Creme make-up for face paint, dress up, theater, roleplay, clownfaces, Santa Claus, halloween and so much more.

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  • Quality make-up for face painting of children and adults. Due to the creme make-up base of wax and oil, it is extremely easy to work with and tone out, so you can create great effects. Creme make-up is free of perfume, gluten or preservatives - the latter also means that you should use clean brushes or spatulas when working with the make-up, so bacteria from fingers and the like can not grow in the creme makeup.

    Grease make-up is particularly suitable for use when working under stage lights or with a warm costume such as a clown or Santa Claus, as the grease make-up does not wear off in contact with water or sweat.

    Comprehensive and durable make-up that can be used for a wide range of costumes and face paints. Create amazing and imaginative expressions for Halloween, a show, a performance or just for fun! Used by professionals and private individuals to adventurize the fun and whimsical moments of life.

    In the menu above on the right, you can choose from a number of the most popular colors, but if you want a very special color, we will be happy to get it to your home. Simply note your wish in the comments field when ordering.

    Grima's water make-up from Holland is:

    • Allergy tested
    • Free of parabens
    • Easy to work with

    Grimas is therefore the favorite brand of both institutions and face painters worldwide.

    These individual color boxes of 15 ml are designed so that they can easily be clicked on top of Grimas make-up palette. They fit both into and on top of Grimas smart system. Eg. all Grimas' colors can be clicked on top if there is a particular color you use a lot or another color that you want to complement the set with. This way, you never have to compromise on your creativity.