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The very large make-up palette from Grimas with 24 different colors. Water make-up that is allergy tested and can be washed off with warm water. For halloween, theater, make-up shops - or just for fun.

More information

  • For the detail minded face painter and for those who like to challenge and explore their creativity. This very large make-up palette from Grimas has 24 different colors.
    For Halloween, theater and make-up stalls - or just for fun. Popular for both private persons and professionals. Let your imagination run free.

    Grimas water make-up from the Netherlands is:

    • Allergy-tested
    • Free of parabens
    • Easy to work with and
    • Can be washed off with warm water.

    Grimas is the favorite brand of both institutions and face painters world wide.

    Grimas make-up palette fits into Grimas' smart system, where the individual colors can be changed or clicked on top. Eg. all Grimas individual colors can be clicked on top if there is a particular color you use a lot of or another color that you want to complement the set with. This way, you never have to compromise on your creativity.