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Fresh Scratch is a fast-drying artificial blood preparation. The dark version is outstandingly effective for simulating the scab on a wound. We stock in 15 and 30 ml.

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  • The icing on the cake for any scary costume. Perfect for plays, stage performances and theater, where the realistic blood effect can evoke the horror in any spectator.

    Fresh Scratch is a fast-drying artificial blood preparation without solvent. The dark version is extremely effective in simulating the crust of a wound. The dried Fresh Scratch preparation retains its luster, making the simulated wound still look fresh.

    Fresh Scratch is best applied with an uneven sponge or spatula, and should then be allowed to dry. During the drying phase, the preparation should not be touched as this will make matte stains. After drying, Fresh Scratch will not discolour on contact. It can be completely removed from the skin with thorough use of soap and warm water.

    In stock in both 15 ml and 30 ml.

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