Itemnumber: 1906
DKK 269.00 / pcs
DKK 215.20 ex. VAT
Grimas Water Make-up (Pure) is an unperfumed, gluten-free water-based make-up, intended for face-painting and body-painting. 12 pearl colours.

More information

  • Grimas Water Make-up Pearl Pure is glistening water make-up which can give your face or body paint a radiant expression.
    Water make-up works in the same way as water color. The colors can be mixed together for amazing and imaginative expressions.

    Pure means that the product does not contain any chemical preservatives such as parabens or halogenated organic compounds.

    Grimas water make-up from the Netherlands is allergy-tested, free of parabens, easy to work with and can be washed off with warm water. Grimas is the favorite brand of both institutions and face painters world wide.

    Grimas make-up palette fits into Grimas cool system, where the individual colors can be changed or clicked on top. E.g. all Grimas' colors can be clicked on top if there is a particular color you use a lot or another color you want to complement the set with. This way, you never have to compromise on your creativity.