BANGARANG - Nicholas Lawrence
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Har du set Nicholas Lawrences nye BANGARANG rundt omkring på de sociale medier? Eller har du noget godt tilgode! En fantastisk visuel sandwich effekt, hvor et valgt kort dukker op i mellem to jokere, med huller i...

Mere information

  • This is a Super visual sandwich style routine consisting of multiple phases of eye popping vanishes and appearances! The best part, The method is practical and easy to do. The gimmick does most of the work!! Everything needed is included so you can start practicing BANGARANG right out the box!

    A card is chosen, lost in the deck and held by the spectator. Two Jokers with large holes in the centers are removed from an envelope and shown front and back. Now, without even bringing the jokers near the deck their card impossibly materializes sandwiched between the Jokers!

    Just as quickly as the card appears, it visually vanishes in a blink and teleports itself reversed in the middle of the deck! Or have it appear anywhere! Inside the box, your wallet.. anywhere you can imagine!

    An incredibly visual and fooling multi-phased routine that’s always ready to go..  its super practical, easy to do and genuinely one of my favorite card effects I’ve ever created.

    It can be performed quickly for social media (as seen above) or used within a full routine for LIVE audiences, perform BANGARANG anywhere!

    • It’s EASY to do!
    • Multiple Vanish and Appearance variations taught.
    • The jokers and the deck are 100% EXAMINABLE.
    • The effect can be easily REPEATED.
    • Resets in 0-10 seconds.
    • Perform in the hands or using a table. The jokers can be displayed on the table and perform the visuals when you want!
    • It’s great for CLOSE UP, walk around and social media.
    • The method is very clever, RELIABLE and ridiculously FUN to practice and perform!!
    • The gimmick is UNDETECTABLE even when viewed inches away.
    • Bonus effects and MULTIPLE HANDLINGS taught.
    • No Black Art, Magnets, Elastics, etc.

    • 1 x Bangarang gimmick
    • 2 x  Joker cards (with holes)
    • 32 minute instructional video

    Please notice: If you do not already have it, you will also need a red-backed Bicycle Deck.

    "I perform so much of Nicholas material! Simply because it’s created with such passion and gets great reaction’s! This effect is so clean feels impossible! BEST PART FOR ME: It’s a tool to play in so many directions. “ - Tobias Dostal

    “This might be one of the best hole sandwich effect I've seen. Even after watching the tutorial it still fools me.” - Patrick Kun

    “So SIMPLE, so GENIUS! I’m going to start using this right NOW!” - Julio Montorro

    “The first time I seen this, I couldn’t figure it out; later, even after watching it Live, it still fooled me so badly; it wasn’t until I had it in my hands that I truly understood its genius method. I must say, it’s really clever.” - Hanson Chien