TRICOLOUR - Simon Lipkin
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Simon Lipkin har med Tricolour skabt en super praktisk close-up version af den populære "Colour Match" rutine, hvor tilskuerens valg at farvelægge på, svarer 100% overens med din forudsigelse. Du modtager pakken med alt du behøver + mulighed for mange andre spændende mentaleffekter.

Mere information

  • Simon Lipkin, star of Derren Brown's Unbelievable, has concocted a diabolically sneaky set of gimmicks that allow you to achieve jaw-dropping colour prediction effects using NO expensive electronics and NO sleight of hand!

    The gimmicks are devious, the effects are mighty, and now they can finally be yours.

    MUST WATCH: See what happened when Simon showed Tricolour to magicians at Blackpool Magic Convention. Click here to view the alternative trailer.

    For many years Simon performed colour match routines using secret electronics, but after they malfunctioned during the heat of an important performance, he strived to find a superior way. He got to work making lemonade from lemons, or in Simon's case, making magic from markers. He emerged from his workshop with a close-up utility system that can achieve near-identical effects as their expensive, high-tech counterparts.

    The box includes everything you need to begin performing the effects right away, including three Sharpie® markers, the devious gimmicks, long-lasting black Tyvek envelopes, and small pieces of card (billets) for your predictions.

    Best of all, if the pens run out of ink, no problem. There are no expensive refills and you can replace them with ease from your local stationery supply store.

    In the detailed, online video instructions you will learn:

    Simon Lipkin's Signature Colour Match Routine
    A participant chooses any pen at random and uses it to colour in a pre-dawn image. This is repeated a total of three times until a completely random colour combination has been created. Each stage feels so free and so fair yet, impossibly you are able to predict the outcomes of their choices with 100% accuracy.

    Originally credited to Tony Anverdi and later popularized by Craig Filicetti, the colour match plot is a modern classic, and now it's your turn to perform this reputation maker with ease.

    Three Will
    You introduce three pens, each clapped with a black lid. While your back is turned, your participant places each pen in a different pocket. You can explain that despite their black black appearance, each pen is actually a different colour. From your right pocket you produce a red lid, from your left pocket, a green lid, and from your back pocket, blue. Remarkably, when the participant takes the pens out of their pockets and uncaps them, they discover they've matched the same colours to the same pockets.

    Colour Dupe
    Your participant chooses any pen and draws any picture in secret while your back is turned. Despite both decisions being completely free choices, you are able to not only reveal the colour of the pen they used to draw but reveal (or duplicate) their entire drawing!

    Chenvelope Test
    Three pens, three cards, three envelopes and three participants. All of the props are mixed and lots of choices made. Yet despite the fairness, you are able to prove that you knew the outcome of all events way ahead of time in this baffling close-up mentalism routine inspired by the traditional Chair Test plot.

    + bonus content including a draw anything colour match effect and a sensational chair test contribution from master mentalist Marc Paul.

    Strap in for an entertaining and enlightening journey of (quite literally) colourful mentalism from one of the most exciting new names in magic.


    "Sometimes simple is best. Sometimes simple is surefire. Sometimes simple is easy. Tricolour is all three. A no-brainer purchase." - Angelo Carbone

    "Beautifully simple, and very deceptive!" - Andy Nyman

    "This is fantastic. Nobody needs more gadgets and this is a perfect, practical solution to a great plot." - Noel Qualter

    "A solid method, reliable gimmicks and smart routining." - Christian Grace