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Siden 1987
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Many good people within the juggling world have been involved over the entire journey of producing “The Cuphead Club”: Tom Kidwell, Jay Gilligan, Erik Åberg, Luke Wilson, Will Oltman, Drew Aslesen and Niels Duinker.

Have a look at the videoclip to understand the many new possibilities with this innovative juggling club.

The cup is optimized for 80mm ball shells or smaller. Use Kyiv-style balls, Russian Balls, beanbags or stage balls for the best experience.  

The shape of the cup allows the audience to see the ball clearly and to see them as two separate objects, even when the ball is in the cup. The club's design allows it to stand up on the cup end easily. In many instances, the club can also stand up vertically with its knob on the floor, with the cup end facing up and act as a prop stand for a ball.

A specially textured surface on the body of the club makes for easier gripping when not holding the handle. A contrasting smooth finish on the inside of the cup and the indentation of the knob with a more excellent fit for catching balls.

High-density plastic gives more outstanding durability vs. standard one-piece club plastics. Discreetly embossed logos of ND Juggling and Fourth Shape (Jay Gilligan's prop design company) to celebrate their collaboration with this club. Option to tape the handle with any color for visual effect and grip preference.

Several colours are available: Ice Blue, Warm Grey, Yellow, Red, Orange and White.  The grey is a warm gray, which means it will not wash out to white under stage lights, and still pops against a black backdrop.

Weight: 220 gram / Material: High-Density PolyEthylene / Length: 52 cm
The price is for 1 pcs. of Cuphead Club. Comes with no balls. 

DKK 450,00 / STK inkl. moms
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Levering: Pakke til afhentningssted (CO2 neutral) ( DKK   39,00 inkl. moms)

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