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Joshua Jay and Vanishing Inc. have taken a classic of magic and completely revamped it for a modern audience. This incredible professional kit gives you everything you need to add one of the best close up magic tricks of the last century into your working set.

John Ramsay's classic "Cylinder and Coins" routine embodies what makes close-up magic so special. Many would argue that it is a rite of passage for magicians in the same vein as the Cups and Balls or an Ace Assembly. However, as it is not as well known and the props have started to feel dated in recent years, it is rarely performed by modern magicians.

It is truly a shame that audiences are being robbed of an effect filled with so many moments of genuine surprise and astonishment. So, Joshua Jay set out to create an innovative and contemporary version of this beloved close up routine. Click at the video and watch the full performance.

While the basic idea stays the same, nearly every other aspect has changed. This includes brand new props and a shocking surprise ending that brings the whole routine to a perfect conclusion. Check out the full performance in the trailer above to see it in action before continuing.

Key Details:

1. Instead of using four coins, Joshua Jay's "Cylinder and Coins" uses just three coins. This helps make the trick less repetitive and eliminates many handling issues. As magic wands and leather cylinders are out-of-place props in modern magic acts, they have been removed as well.

2. In this version, the cylinder is represented by a rolled-up dollar bill. This feels very fair and doesn't look like a magic prop. You don't have to use an American bill either. Each kit comes with the gimmicks needed to prepare any bill.

3. The cork that would transpose with the coins in John Ramsay's original routine would often need extra explanation to justify its use. So, Joshua Jay has decided to use a finger ring. It's not only immediately recognizable, but helps make the necessary moves even easier.

4. When it comes to the coins themselves, you receive Joshua Jay's "Triad Coins" in a replica Morgan Dollar version. This is not only the perfect size for performing "Cylinder and Coins", but makes all the vanishes smooth and easy.

5. Anyone who has ever performed the original "Cylinder and Coins" routine is also aware that the included stack of coins was generally static. Joshua Jay's "Cylinder and Coins" adds an entirely new dynamic element that drastically increases the fairness and openness of the effect.

This special "Cylinder and Coins" kit has been custom-crafted with exceptional quality. It offers everything you need to start learning and performing this remarkable routine. That includes the revolutionary stack of coins and dollar-size "Triad Coins" set, as well as the finger rings, bill gimmicks, and the very special something needed for the end of the routine. These professional quality props will last you a lifetime.

Don't wait any longer. Add one of the best close up magic tricks of the last 100 years to your set today!

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