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Siden 1987
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The performer displays a beautiful wooden cabinet, a brass rod and a wooden block which has a hole running through its center. The cover on top of the cabinet is then removed allowing a clear view right through. The magician then inserts the rod through the block and places them through the slots on top of the cabinet. Now, the rod is removed causing the block to fall to the bottom of the cabinet in full view.

The performer then replaces the cover, shows the rod to be perfectly solid and inserts it back into the top of the cabinet. With a wave of the hand, the cover is again removed to show that the wooden block has now mysteriously impaled itself onto the solid brass rod! The rod can be immediately removed from the slots at the top of the cabinet and the block is allowed to slide down the rod and fall off into a spectator’s waiting hand! It is a stunning and inexplicable effect.

Please do not confuse this effect with any other similar ones we have previously produced. The mechanical method is absolutely diabolical in operation and is used by us for the very first time! It does not rely on magnets or involve springs to do the work, yet the effect is completely self-contained and can be immediately repeated!

Many hours have gone into the development of this mechanical marvel as it uses one of the most unique and intricately built small mechanisms we have ever produced. It is truly a marvel of workmanship.

The wooden cabinet measures approximately 8.5 cms wide 11.2 cms high & 8 cms deep and has been completely handcrafted from natural aged teak wood with a lightly distressed oil finish. The block is also handcrafted from teak wood and is finely adorned with a beautiful CZ diamond.

DKK 2.650,00 / STK inkl. moms
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