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This is a bundle of three video instructions by the ingenious Mark Elsdon, and each one is a showstopping performance piece that can be learned in no time at all.

1. Strange Oblique Mark's new take on his classic Tequila Hustler effect. In this hilarious version, you nominate one person to be a "liar" and the rest of the viewers to be truth-tellers. You then ask a series of ridiculous questions: "Would you go on a cycling holiday with her?" "Would you eat a taco from a stranger?" And yet, at the end of the silliness, you are able to discern exactly who the liar is. No pre-show, no electronics, no sleight-of-hand, no secret confederates.

2. Limelight
This is Mark Elsdon's own favorite effect he has ever created. You cause a participant to instantly become the most interesting person in any gathering. Without any advanced training, you take a volunteer and "gift" her the ability to perform absolute miracles with a pack of cards. She can divine selected cards from other participants, tell someone else which card they are thinking of, and do an incredible version of ACAAN.

NYC Opener
In this effect a card is selected, vanishes and appears inside the card box. But that doesn't do it justice. It's a full, multi-phased card routine that is easy to perform (thanks to the simple, but useful gimmick supplied) and is squeaky clean!

The online videos (running time: 2 hours approximately) comes along with the gimmicked cards for "NYC Opener". 


"Let's just say that Strange Oblique is to Kurotsuke what Tequila Hustler is to 'which hand'. Can be performed completely impromptu." - Mark Chandaue

"Limelight, so simple to do yet extremely clever and baffling. I watched Mark fry a room full of magicians with this, including myself, it really is very clever indeed! This has gone straight onto my A-list." - Gary Jones

"The downloads are almost two hours of teaching some of the strongest magic I've seen on any download!! Each routine packs a powerful punch and perfect for group performances. Fans of Mark will know how strong his magic is and if you are new to Mark's work then be prepared for a wonderful surprise." - Paul Romhany

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