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Making Magic is a book about the life of Martin Lewis. In it he has gathered 60 of his favorite routines. These are not pipe dreams but practical solutions to strong effects. Magic that has rewarded him with repeat bookings time and time again. While the majority of the book is on Parlor and Stage, there are still plenty of stunning close up effects described. Including the details of his Close-Up Cardiographic.

Making Magic contains material from my notebooks, lectures, magazine articles, videos, and marketed tricks. Martin Lewis is constantly evolving his magic, so everything has been re-written to bring it all up to date.

Along with the beautiful 365-page book you willl receive a disc that contains 24 templates and extra information, that will be very helpful when you want to contstructs some of Martin's miracles.


"I heartily recommend this book and think it is destined to become a contemporary classic of magic. It is a wonderful example of how magic, method and the way they are taught can coalesce into something really special." Nick Lewin

"Making Magic is a treasure chest of practical, commercial, and baffling routines for both stage and close-up. Every bit of vital information is explained, including artwork and construction diagrams, handling details, and Martin’s witty presentations. It is one of the finest resources for this type of material I’ve ever seen, and is a bargain at the price." Michael Close

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