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Siden 1987
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An elegant cabinet along with a mummy are displayed. The mummy is shown to be perfectly solid and is openly placed into the cabinet. The cabinet is then closed while the head and feet of the mummy remain in full view.

Four brass rods are shown and pushed right through the cabinet from top to bottom, securing the mummy on all sides. Now, a brass blade is shown and immediately see-sawed back and forth through a slit running across the middle of the cabinet, apparently cutting the mummy in half! All is then reversed, and the mummy is shown to be unharmed and still perfectly solid!

Mummified Divide is a stunning visual magic effect and has been inspired by one of the world’s greatest stage illusions!

The entire outfit is extremely detailed and because of the method involved and the long artistic manufacturing process, it has taken over 9 months to complete this release. It is, without question, one of the finest and most exquisitely detailed effects they have ever produced at Magic Wagon. The photos really do not do justice to this very elaborate piece of magic apparatus!

The cabinet measures approximately 5.5 cms wide by 9.2 cms tall and 16 cms deep.

This magic collection piece comes complete and ready to use along with English instructions. Only 75 pcs. are made in total and we only managed to get 8 pieces of these, so you should probably not wait too long.

DKK 3.950,00 / STK inkl. moms
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