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We are excited to introduce our customers to Rubik’s Wall - the ultimate finale for your Rubik’s cube magic routine. Created by Bond Lee, D.K. Wong & Happy and carefully produced by MS Magic.

If you are into Rubik's cube magic, this is for you!

The magic routine is simple: the spectator chooses any cube they like, they can shuffle the cube as much as they want. They think of a sign, character or image, then place back the cube back to any position they want, to create a complete random pattern with 24 cubes. When you turn the wall around, it has become the perfect prediction of the sign/character/image!

All cubes can be shuffled and examined before, during and after the routine. The fool proof design will amaze your audience with an impossible, clean and mind-blowing finale. Perfect for professional performance, commercial events and TV shows.

No sleight of hand, no magnet, no black stuff, no difficult handling, just shuffle the cube place it back and it's done! If you are just starting to do magic, you can do it too!

The whole structure can easily be assembled and is travel friendly. This allows you as a performer to carry the Rubik's Wall all over the world, and you can even place the whole set inside your backpack, truly pack small play big!

The specially designed structure can connect multiple sets of Rubik’s Walls to create a big prediction. You will be able to place 24 cubes in one Rubik's Wall, if you combine 2 walls, you and use 48 cubes and with 4 walls, you will be able to use amazing 96 cubes and create a large picture!

Rubik’s Wall set comes with multiple presets, detailed instruction and wall stand. The whole set is protected by a beautiful and durable ABS case.

Rubik’s Wall can be performed as a stand-alone piece of magic or you can combine it into your Rubik’s magic routine.

This is the best vision of Rubik’s Wall in the market and your best choice for your professional performance, commercial events and TV shows.

At Pegani we got both the standard set and complete set available for your selection. The difference is, that the complete set comes ready to go with 24 of cubes and a turntable. The standard set is for you, if you already got a lot of standard sized cubes you can use, or you want to find them somewhere else.

The standard set includes:
The Rubik’s Wall, the ABS Protective Case, the clear video tutorial + examples of 33 different wall designs and the cube stickers you need for 24 cubes

(Please notice that there are no cubes enclosed with this set. So this is for you, if you already got 24 cubes in the standard size. Could the RD Regular Cube from Henry Harrius).

The complete set includes:
The Rubik’s wall, the solid ABS Protective Case, 24 x MS Speed Cubes, turntable table plate, video tutorial + 33 different wall designs and all the stickers you need.

Refills for Rubik's Wall
At Pegani we stock both extra stickers and gimmick plates, if you would like to change your design. You can above choose either:
- 25 pcs. of Rubik's Wall Gimmick Plates
- 216 pcs. of Rubik's Wall Stickers in 6 colours

Please notice:
You don't need any magic technique to execute the whole routine. BUT you will need some showmanship to present your magic routine well.

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