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Siden 1987
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Powerful, organic, and beautiful! Perform Max Maven's mentalism classic "kurotsuke" from across the room.

Oracle is a powerful, self contained device concealed in a beautifully hand-crafted leather bag. That device communicates to the performer in real time a secret piece of information, and armed with this knowledge the performer is able to perform mental miracles. T
he moment the target ball is removed, you know. Classics of mentalism and bizzare magic like ‘Free Will’ and Max Maven’s ‘Kurotsuke’ become a simple task, with the performer free to focus on the performance, rather than the method.

Oracle’s timeless style and the carefully selected sets of available tokens turn this device into something so much more. A true tool for theatrical storytelling and creating just the right atmosphere, allow oracle to reveal the true reach of your performing possibilities…

Oracle is a must for the storyteller, bizzarist, or mentalist looking to add a touch of artistry to their performance. Simple to use and with no reset time, allowing it to be carried with the performer from table to table at a walk-around gig and used over and over to create a wide variety of powerful mentalism effects. Oracle is a tool suited to all performance types.

Oracle was created by Christopher Taylor from Taylor Imagineering. When he retired, he passed over the production rights and blueprints to Andreas Sebring at MetalWriting.

Comes with leather bag, sender, receiver and 6 pcs. of marbles: 4 white, one red and one (gimmicked) black.

DKK 2.250,00 / STK inkl. moms

Levering: Pakke til afhentningssted (CO2 neutral) ( DKK   39,00 inkl. moms)

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