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Siden 1987
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Many infamous magicians from Blackstone to Burton have delighted their audience with the beauty of the dancing hanky. After many years of ongoing development, Sean's Bogunia's "Dream System" allows for a single performer to wow the audience like never before. Create fantastic 2D and 3D animations - all without the use of a backdrop. The Dream System has finally arrived and we are proud to offer it exclusively for our professional European customers.

- Float any lightweight object without a special backdrop.
- Completely wireless and battery powered - no wires to run between the motors and controller.
- Incredibly easy and fast setup.
- Attach the Motor Pods to walls or poles, attach your thread to your floatable object and you're ready to go!
- Super Strong Invisible Thread eliminates the need for a backdrop - perform almost anywhere!
- Programmable with "pause" functionality for impromptu moments in your performance.
- DMX Activation for seamless integration into your theater.
- Rechargeable batteries featuring long battery life and longer standby time.
- Pass-Through-Power: Leave your system plugged in indefinitely for permanent setups.

Dream System comes with 2 sets of 4 motors, a large motor pod set and a small motor pod set. Utilize the small motor for shorter distances and the large motors for longer distances (such as over the heads of your audience).

The Dream System also supports using other types of thread for even longer distances and flexibility in your routines. Comes with a life time warranty.

DKK 21.800,00 / STK inkl. moms
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