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The PITATA Smart Memopad gives you an instant impression of anything written or drawn on a notepad they're holding.

The biggest feature of the PITATA Smart MemoPad is that it has no fixed outer housing. Its main body is an electronic board and chip measuring approximately 6.5cm * 9cm * 0.5cm, which is equivalent to the size and thickness of a dozen playing cards. You are able to conceal it in a variety of places.

A hollow memo pad is supplied with your unit. After placing the unit inside, the overall appearance is no different from an ordinary memo pad. Or you can place the super thin device into the Playing Card Box. A post-it note can be placed on the tuck box and the information is written on it to get your peek.

The main function of PITATA Smart MemoPad is also quite powerful, inheriting high-tech functions, including:

- AI text recognition: Text information written on the MemoPad can be intelligently recognized. Supports multiple languages.

- Voice broadcast: After the text is recognized, it will automatically be broadcasted to the magician through a Bluetooth headset.

- Apple Watch display: You are able to get a peek at the information via your Apple Watch.

- PITATA IoT functions:  The magician only needs to focus on the performance from start to finish, and the secret are all taken care of by AI.

The MemoPad is charged wirelessly. It takes 2 hours to fully charge and has 10 hours of standby time when powered on. There is a magnetic on/off switch. The pen is charged via USB. A full charge takes 1.5 hours and has 15 hours of standby time when powered on. Each set comes with two additional pen ink refills, which will last for a long time, if used for performance only.

When you order from Pegani, the notepad comes with the smart leather case, made from genuine leather, elegant and high-end. With the built-in magnet, the leather case can automatically turn on and off the device when opened and closed, respectively. 

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