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When Sonata appeared in 1989, Juan Tamariz was already known as an important performer, creator and thinker. His performances in nightclubs and on stage and television had made him a celebrity in Spain and in many other Latin countries. By the time The Five Points in Magic, The Magic Way and Sonata were published in English, his reputation, already spreading through the underground streams of international magic, burst to the surface and established Tamariz as a master. His two previous books laid the foundation on which Sonata, a generous sampling from his professional repertoire, was built.

Sonata was Tamariz’s first volume of “Bewitched Music”. Years later, Mnemonica, the second volume of the series, shook the magic scene. By that time, Sonata had been out of print for years and used copies fetched high prices.

At long last, Sonata is back, newly edited, with errors and omissions corrected and information added. This is Sonata with an enhanced score. The material, while published decades ago, is still vibrant. It has not aged. It is a selection of some of the finest magic with playing cards and penknives ever published, ready to be presented by today’s performers for the amazement of today’s audiences. This sonata is written to be played—a classic work renewed for this and future generations.

Included with Sonata is a reproduction booklet of The New Mini-Symbolic Method; a system of symbols developed by Juan Tamariz to read, interpret, and write down tricks. It was originally published in conjunction with Sonata in 1989. It has been revised for the new edition.

271 pages. 


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