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The JLB Deck is a Marked Deck that comes with Connecting Technology, Exclusive Content, a Dedicated App & Magic Tutorials on video.

Like any other deck in History, The JLB Deck is a bunch of regular cards - with a pretty dope design. You may slip it at a party, have a card game with friends and let people play with it... and no one will notice that YOU'RE CARRYING SO MUCH MORE…

The JLB Deck contains 56 cards - we’ll spare you the regular 52 cards speech…  because that’s obvious. The 4 extra cards are not your usual Double Backer and White Card. Inside you'll find the fruit of many brain strains.

With a Unique Marking System, the JLB Deck has without any doubt the most efficient and obvious reading method for magicians and yet is absolutely invisible for Muggles. These cards are thought for every kind of situation a magician may face. The design of the marking is thought for all magicians. Even if you're LEFTY! You can spot the marking from around a meters distance.

The JLB App (developed by Jonathan Levit) will leave so much room for upgrades, creativity and reputation maker effects… A World Wide Tool for Magicians, from close-up Magic to Zoom performance. The first and key feature is that it is directly connected to the JLB Deck by the NFC-tag in the box, which can link to: Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, LinkedIn, Paypal, Snapchat, Twitter, Email, Phone Number, URL...

Once you’ll have the TOOL in your hand and the WEAPON concealed inside... You’ll have access the THEORY and the SUBTLETIES to transform your close-up set into an unforgettable magic performance.

- USPCC quality
- Completely customized aces, courts & pips
- 56 Cards / 3 Gaff Cards / 2 Duplicate Cards
- Poker sized / Linen finish / Laminated
- Premium-Grade Paper-Stock in Sustainable Forest Paper

You reach the tutorial by scanning the QR-code at the bottom of the deck.

DKK 185,00 / STK inkl. moms
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