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Introducing Craig Petty's “Nightshade Coin Set” - the pinnacle of visual coin magic! Designed to elevate your performances to astonishing heights, this set is a treasure trove of mind-blowing routines crafted by the maestro himself, Craig Petty.

Inside this groundbreaking set, you'll unlock the secrets to an array of awe-inspiring coin magic. Petty's personal renditions of classics like the 3-Fly, Coins Across, Wild Coin, Hanging Coins, Coins to Glass, and a plethora of other miracles await your mastery. With over 30 meticulously detailed routines tailored to this custom coin collection, you'll effortlessly captivate audiences in any performance scenario.

What makes this set truly exceptional is its precision manufacturing by the esteemed Roy Kuepper in the magical hub of Las Vegas. Each coin is meticulously crafted to ensure flawless execution of every move, adding an element of seamless elegance to your magic.

Whether you're a seasoned magician or just starting your journey into the world of coin magic, Craig Petty's "Nightshade Coin Set" is your passport to unparalleled mystique. Elevate your performances, dazzle your spectators, and leave a lasting impression with every flick of your fingers. Experience the pinnacle of coin magic excellence with this extraordinary set, where innovation meets precision for an unforgettable magical experience.

Routines Taught On The Project

Video One (running for approx 4hrs-46 mins):

Mexican Split, Split Coins Through Table, Hanging Split, Instant Print, Sponge, Two Coin Trick, Throw Coins, ESP Impossible 2, Split Fly, Three Coin Flurry, Triple C, Super Commercial Copper/Silver, Night Worker, Night Flight, Double Kicker & Shades Of Imagination.

Video Two (running for approx 3hrs-36 mins)

Shady Hole, Night Cap, Wild Night, Night Cop, Hopping Halves, Night Nurse, Wild Coin, Coins That Pass Through The Night, The Three Coin Routine With One Coin, AAV, ESP Impossible 3, McCUP, Coin Through Bill, The Challenge & Coin Through Hanky.

*The Nightshade Coin Set is available in both Kennedy Halves or Eisenhower Dollar size coins. Please select your preference when ordering.

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1 STK 2.650,00 / STK
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1 STK 2.650,00 / STK
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