Vi kan trylle
Hurtig levering
Siden 1987
Bare spørg os

Sjældent fint apparatur, der ellers nærmest er umuligt at opstøve. Brugt, men i virkelig fin stand og fungerer perfekt. Inderste æske har et par skrammer i bunden som det ses på sidste foto.


Imagine a beautiful mahogany treasure chest trimmed in brass and secured with a brass padlock. The performer borrows a wristwatch which he causes to vanish. The chest is brought forward to the footlights to allow a spectator to open it. Inside is a walnut box which the spectator removes and opens. This exposes another beautiful box locked with a padlock. The spectator unlocks this box and lo and behold, the missing watch is found resting safely within!

Load right in front of your audience; no special tables, gimmicks etc.

Remember this:
The chest is always in full view. Once the spectator touches the chest, the performer’s work is done. There are no special tables or outside gimmicks. Nothing is added or taken away. All padlocks are genuine. The handcrafted mahogany chest is trimmed in solid brass. Both inner boxes are also made of select hardwoods with brass hardware.

“In my opinion, this is still the best single person nest of boxes on the market today! The gimmick is perfect and it works every time with no issues or awkward moves. Of all the nest of boxes I’ve owned this is the one I actually use in performance.”  – Andy Martin (from Martins Magic).

DKK 4.800,00 / STK inkl. moms
på lager

Levering: Pakke til afhentningssted (CO2 neutral) ( DKK   39,00 inkl. moms)

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