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Héctor Mancha is a FISM Grand Prix-winning powerhouse that has spent decades using an underground technique to create astonishing magic routines.

He realized something that just a few other great select magicians had discovered. People like Alexander Herrmann, Blackstone, Paul Daniels, Derren Brown, Tommy Wonder, Darwin Ortiz, Ben Seidman, and Andi Gladwin have all used this one specific tool: theatrical pickpocketing.

This captivating skill has been far-too-often overlooked because, historically, there has been very few resources available. And even fewer that examine the technique from the lens of creating magical entertainment. This is why we are happy to offer you Héctor Mancha’s new book, The Wonderous World Of Pickpocketing.

Yes, you will learn how to steal watches, ties, belts, wallets and even glasses. Yes, you will be taught how to script these steals. But also, you’ll uncover how to make them more than just a demonstration of skill. You’ll learn a plethora of amazing, audience-tested killer parlor routines that use your new skills. Or at least look like that’s what you’re doing.

For many of the incredible routines, you don’t actually have to pickpocket at all. These effects are more pseudo-pickpocketing. There are moments to add in some real pickpocketing, but everything is set up carefully to the point where you can perform a full routine with basically no true steals at all. Yet, your audience will believe you’re a master cutpurse.

If you are looking for new, super-strong, audience-tested material that will make it look like you are a master of an unusual, exciting and secretive skill, we believe The Wonderous World Of Pickpocketing is extremely worthy of your consideration.

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