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Siden 1987
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Here is one of magic’s most sought after books, which we happen to have just a few of in stock.

Cellini is a true legend in the performance of magic. This 188 page hardbound book covers the work of this famous magician. His tips on Street Performing are priceless and the effects are the epitome of “pure magic.”

Contents include Where to Work the streets, Street Performer’s Workshop and Tools (including the famous Cellini Topit), How to actually perform on the street, Law of the Street, Bibliography of Card Books, a collection of great black & white photos AND the effects and routines. Just read this list of effects:

Vanishing Silk, Birth of a Rose, Thumb Tip Tips, Thumb Tip Drop Steal, Sugar Bag, Vanishing Cigarette, Wand of Merlin Flip Stick Routine, The Wand Spin, Infinity Cups (Water appearance in bowls), Bill in Lemon, Bill to Wallet, Cups & Balls Routine One, Cups & Balls Routine Two, Paper Bag Routine, Here’s Mickey (mouse production), Fire Eating, An Escape Act, Vanishing Glass, Grapefruit Production, Cellini Sponge Ball Routine, Indestructible Handkerchief, Cigarette Routine, T-Bar Glass Vanish, Three Ring Switch, Lord of the Rings Linking Ring Routine, Six Ring Routine, Cut & Restored Rope, Card Manipulations, Jumbo Coin & Handkerchief Routine, Color Changing Coin, Copper Silver Routine, Coin Juggling, Cascade of Coins from Cards, Coins in Glass, Billiard Ball Work, The Miser’s Dream.

This book probably contains more usable material for real life work that most books you have ever read. A true classic in magic!

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