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If you have ever wondered how to increase the impact of your existing repertoire of material, this beautifully presented 128-page hardback book and DVD contains the answer – the system that Marc has used to create professional routines that have won him awards at FISM, European Close-up Magic Championships, the IBM British Ring competition and the Macmillan International, amongst others, as well as entertaining audiences at high-profile gigs across the globe.

Grips, Lines and Looks details the exact approach Marc uses and explains how you can apply the same system to every one of your own performances.


”Marc’s theory has been thought provoking, for both my closeup and stage performances.” - Dynamo

”Marc Oberon’s book contains the real secrets of magic.” - Anthony Owen

”Marc has an uncanny ability to understand how to make effects look like real magic.” - Andy Nyman

”This is a real must read for magicians… a bible in fact.” - Mandy Muden

“Beautiful quality from cover to cover. Smart practical routines with mind expanding theories.” - Jeff McBride

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