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Jim Kleefeld's new large book "Kidshow Matters" was launched at the "Kidabra Conference" in August 2017, and the reviews were great:

One of the most valuable books on the performance of magic ever written." 
- Michael Close

"Kidshow Matters is a book of wisdom, knowledge and kindness. This book is an invaluable resource.” Max Howard

"Jim Kleefeld is a thinking man’s children’s magician. Anyone who wants to enhance their performances for young people needs to read Jim’s work." - Jim Vagias

Kidshow Matters is 40 essays that teach and explore basic tenets and principles of performing children's magic. Each important topic is illustrated by a clever and original magic trick that you will love performing. 

You will learn how kids think, why they applaud and what makes them laugh. 
You will learn how to get repeat shows,what makes clients like or hire you and how you can market yourself better. 
Make your shows more appealing, entertaining and bookable by studying these rich and important topics. 

It's HUGE - 340 pages, 40 chapters, 200 illustrations and 46 routines and clever new tricks. 

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