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In the wake of one of the most dramatic transformations magic has ever experienced, many of magic's most respected minds banded together to develop the most comprehensive and thought-provoking collection of virtual magic tricks, concepts, essays and tech solutions ever created.

This idea first began in March 2020 when Steve Thompson and Will Houstoun set out to find ways to leverage the unique opportunities and advantages provided by the then-new virtual magic space. They did not want to simply take old magic tricks and force them into a virtual environment. Instead, with help from some of the biggest names in magic and mentalism, they spent 6 months producing and growing a subscriber-only online resource known as "Video Chat Magic".

At the time, they weren't sure what to expect. But, over the course of that half-year stretch, "Video Chat Magic" evolved into the ultimate virtual magic resource. It grew monthly in scope, acclaim and membership-and even raised over $35,000 for charity.

Now, partnering with Vanishing Inc., Steve and Will with this publication have made the revolutionary material available to magicians around the world. All of the content from this online program has been carefully curated and organized into a stunning hardcover book that takes you on a remarkable journey from the earliest discoveries through cutting-edge developments and captivating conclusions.

"Video Chat Magic" is designed to shatter your preconceptions about virtual magic. If you're reluctant to jump into virtual magic, this book will inspire you. If you're ready to take, or already have taken, the leap into virtual magic, this book will show you how to progress your offerings in a way that allows you to make deep connections with your audience through a screen.

Included in "Video Chat Magic" are more than 50 tricks, tools, techniques, essays and pieces of technology from magicians such as Jim Steinmeyer, Max Maven, Marc Kerstein, Adrian Lacroix, Richard Wiseman and a variety of other special guests. Larry Fong, the world-class cinematographer behind blockbuster movies such as Batman vs Superman, Watchmen, and Kong: Skull Island, even shared expert tips on lighting and cameras for virtual shows as part of a special series.

You'll learn how to do impossibly clean predictions, make objects appear in your spectator's hands, bend time and so much more, including 25 ideas for VideoMasker alone (a universal version of MagicMask developed by Marc Kerstein and Seth Raphael that is included with your purchase). Most importantly though, you'll uncover the secrets to providing your spectators with a truly meaningful and unforgettable experience.

As a special bonus, Pete McCabe, the professional script writer and author of the revered "Scripting Magic" books, also teamed up with Paul Draper to present a virtual magic addendum to his beloved texts called "Scripting Magic 2.1".

All of this is packed into a gorgeous 350-page full-color book, which includes a special QR code-driven virtual experience that allows you to watch videos and access a variety of tools, prop printouts, software solutions and other templates.

It's clear that virtual magic is no longer a temporary solution, but rather a new performance space that will continue to evolve as time goes on. "Video Chat Magic" is guaranteed to open up your mind to these possibilities and help you take advantage of them to become a more well-rounded magician.


“Required reading for anyone who wants to do strong magic in this new medium.” - Jon Armstrong

"VideoChat Magic is a deep dive into the world of virtual magic. [...] simply get this immediately and thank me later!” - Richard Sanders

“Over the last year I have performed hundreds of Zoom shows. Video Chat Magic has been an incredible resource for me during my virtual magic journey. These ideas, subtleties, and techniques have become the bases for entire segments of my Zoom show. I can’t thank you enough for helping me think, pushing me to do better magic, and giving me that extra edge in this new space.” - Harrison Kramer

“Video Chat Magic is unveiling the most effective ways to succeed in this new medium.” -  Luís de Matos

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