SURE LOCK - James Kellogg Jr.
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DKK 4.500,00 / stk
DKK 3.600,00 ekskl. moms
Der er 10.000 muligheder og kun ÉN kombination kan åbne den solide hængelås... Men du kan med 100% sikkerhed bestemme NØJAGTIG hvornår tilskueren laver talrækken, der åbner låsen. Hver gang, og på lang afstand. 10 års garanti.

Mere information

  • Designed and brought to life by Master Locksmith and magician James Kellogg Jr., Sure Lock is the mentalists dream with endless possibilities. Whether you are performing for HUGE audiences or 1 on 1, this is the ultimate mentalism tool. Not only will it amaze your audiences as a stand alone piece of magic, but if you have a padlock routine already, this will make it even better.

    With the purchase of Sure Lock you will see a few simpler routines that you can watch and perform instantly, but I am sure you are already aware; this lock's purpose does not stop there. Sure Lock is instantly repeatable and the numbers never need to be the same.

    - Zero restrictions, zero limitations, endless possibilities.
    -  3 years in the making.           

    Adapting Sure Lock to your performance is a breeze. Imagine locking your prediction inside a box on stage and not only being able to now prove the prediction inside the box matches, but you can now have a spectator guess the right combination to unlock the prediction!

    Or, let's think extremely outside the box and say, use multiple locks to perform a unique version of the 3 card monte. Place your bet on the lock that will unlock with a specific combination and control whether or not they choose the right lock! As you can see this is not just the perfect gimmicked padlock, this is the perfect utility gimmick.

    - With every full charge you get up to 3 1/2 hours of continuous use.
    - 3 features of triggering the lock include; Remotely instant unlock, remotely 15 second time delay, RFID card instant unlock.
    - Remote can trigger Sure Lock up to 9 meters away.
    - 90 min standby mode to ensure your lock does not drain the battery if you forget to turn it off.
    - 10 Year Limited Warranty.

    We believe in this product so much that if within 10 years* your lock breaks or stops working, for any reason, and we cannot fix it, we will replace it no questions asked.


    "This thing is a freakin masterpiece!" - Colin Mcleod

    "I am so impressed with this!" - David Penn

    "It is like magic; it is incredibly well made!" - Sean Heydon

    "This is perfect, you solved all the problems!" - Jeff Kaylor

    "This is Brilliant!" - Peter Turner