THE FOX 2.0 - Luca Volpe & Alan Wong
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Her har du et helt mentalshow i inderlommen! Nu i den udvidede 2.0 version med nye gimmicks og rutiner. Hvis du oplevede Luca Volpa da vi havde ham i Danmark, så ved du hvor solidt, gennemtænkt og underholdende det her er.

Mere information

  • After the great success of THE FOX by Luca Volpe and Alan Wong, we are happy to introduce the new improved version of most versatile mentalism tool: THE FOX 2.0. The new edition includes new routines and extra props that will allow you to perform incredible mind reading demonstrations!

    Have you ever desired to travel the world with almost no props and be able to perform a full one-hour stage mentalism show for an audience of 10 to 1,000 people? Sounds impossible, right? Well, now YOU CAN! With… THE FOX 2.0.

    THE FOX 2.0 is a highly engineered mini-folio created and produced by Luca Volpe and Alan Wong. With this folio only, you will be able to step on stage and entertain your audience with a fully structured show. The beauty is that everything you need is inside THE FOX 2.0!

    Obviously, you will not only be able to utilize the full capabilities of THE FOX 2.0 in just one show. You’ll be able to perform many shows! In fact, the mini-folio has so many features that will allow you to create more routines for stage and close-up!

    Here are some great aspects of THE FOX:

    - Peek (double and triple peek)
    - Switch billets and banknotes
    - Switch envelopes
    - Add number feature
    - Impression device
    - Predict serial numbers
    - Switch playing cards
    - Index

    Also, if you combine multiple features, you can create amazing routines! You are limited only by your imagination! You will even be able to perform an incredible and easy Q&A Act!

    You can also switch, with only one move, 2 business cards, some banknotes, a folded billet, some writing (or numbers) written on a Post-It note and more! Imagine what you can do with this feature only!

    THE FOX 2.0 comes in an elegant black box with silver embossing, stored in a high-quality velvet bag.

    Extra props include:

    1. Laminated colored test cards
    2. Laminated symbol cards
    3. Mind card samples
    3. Billet peek samples
    4. Normal envelope
    5. Multiple out envelope
    6. Impression device
    7. Blindfold
    8. Locking Peek Device
    9. Lock and keys
    10. Pendulum
    11. ESP Marked Cards
    12. Symbols Marked Cards
    13. Pendulum Test Card

    Included in the package, you will also find a physical booklet with the full show explained and script. Plus, a download link where Luca Volpe will show you the handling and features of THE FOX 2.0, plus another link where you can download all the extras to print.

    Finally, your dream can come true! Take a full stage mentalism show with you anywhere in the world, and it fits in your pocket! I can guarantee that you will never leave home without THE FOX 2.0.