THE PAPER SHREDDER ILLUSION - Joe Silkie & John Ferrentino
Varenummer: PU402
DKK 4.500,00 / stk
DKK 3.600,00 ekskl. moms
En fantastisk comedy-rutine. Du låner en pengeseddel (eller er kreditkort) lægger den i en kuvert der blandes med andre. Herefter makuleres kuverterne én af gangen (og dit slips). Alt ender selvfølgelig godt. Kommer med flight-case.

Mere information

  • A fantastic comedy routine by Joe Silkie & John Ferrentino. Produced by Spooky Stuff Ltd. years ago and a very rare find. Sold as second-hand, but the shredder itself is in mint condition. Comes packed in flight-case along with adaptor, metal stand, orange tie and instruction book. Use your own marker, envelopes, cloth, etc..

    A large denomination bill is borrowed from a spectator and signed with a big magic marker. The bill is then placed in an envelope and sealed. The sealed envelope is shuffled together with three other envelopes, then numbered one thru four with the marker. The spectator is then given the marker to hold. The volunteer is instructed to select the envelope with the money in it. After the selection is made, they are asked if they would like to trade their envelope for one of the other three, or for what is behind the curtain.

    The performer then removes a foulard that is covering a prop. The prop is a custom paper shredder with a folder inside. The spectator removes a sheet of paper, with a large bill printed on it, from the folder. He then hands it to the magician. The magician runs the sheet of bills through the shredder and laughs. Next, the unchosen envelopes are shredded one at a time. As the last envelope goes through the shredder, the magician’s tie gets stuck in the machine. After a struggle, the tie gets sucked in, and comes out shredded!

    The magician then rips his tie free, leaving only the knot around his neck. After several minutes of comedy bits, the unhappy spectator is asked to return the marker. The magician unscrews the marker and has the volunteer look inside. The volunteer now sees his money. The money is removed from the marker and return to the (now) happy spectator.