Varenummer: PU172
DKK 1.800,00 / stk
DKK 1.440,00 ekskl. moms
Tommy James producerede for 12 år siden en lille serie af dette fine produktionsapparat. Det bygger på "black art" som vi også kender fra "Square Circle", men den er alligevel lidt anderledes og illusionen er helt perfekt. Blot et enkelt brugt eksemplar på lager.

Mere information

  • A modern production device that will mystify any audience! Magician displays a two-fold screen which is beautifully decorated on one side with the other side lined in black velour. The screen is opened and placed on a table top behind a large decorated tube.

    Magician reaches into the large tube and removes a crystal clear tube and shows it completely empty. The crystal tube is replaced into the larger tube and then the larger tube is removed and displayed. The large tube is replaced and the production begins. Produce silks, streamers, spring flowers, feather flower bouquets, doves, multiplying bottles, Rocky Raccoon or any items that fit into the load chamber.

    This is a black-art effect that is extremely deceptive even at close range and in broad daylight. The illusion is incredible and Tommy has been featuring this in his Read to Achieve Magic Show for years.

    Comes complete with two-fold screen, decorated tube, crystal tube and load chamber. The screen has been digitally printed on the outside and when opened is 50 cm. high by 60 cm. wide. The outer tube is 42 cm. high by 15 cm. in diameter. The crystal tube is  high by 12,5 cm. in diameter. The load chamber is 10 cm. wide by 40 cm. high and will comfortably hold eight sleeve bouquets for an astounding production. The beauty of this outfit has to be seen to be appreciated.

    This is a second-hand item. We enclose a small umbrealla. Comes with paper instructions. Use any flat table top.


    “This is an absolute PERFECT illusion. Your audience will swear they are seeing an empty tube! Trust me, I’ve been using this type of production in my act for years.” - Tommy James