Varenummer: PU435
DKK 500,00 / stk
DKK 400,00 ekskl. moms
Den klassiske "Topsy Turvy Bottle" effekt, men her med et ekstra klimaks. Produceret af Tora Magic og ikke længere til salg. Let brugt, men fremstår så god som ny og kommer i original æske.

Mere information
  • The classic Topsy Turvy Bottles gets a reboot here, with an appealing opening phase in which a glass tumbler is produced FROM the bottle tube.

    The bottles pour real liquid, and there is a silk production at the end.

    And in addition to all of this, you still maintain the fabulous and classic routine wherein an audience member follows your every move with a tube and bottle, yet each time the spectator's bottle faces the opposite way as your own.

    Now you can own the highest quality bottles for this marvelous classic. Second-hand, but as good as new.