BEHIND THE PINE - Luka Andrews
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Luka Andrews har udgivet en bog om den del af branchen der handler om bartrylleri. Hvadenten du ønsker at trylle gæsterne i baren på hobbyplan, eller du har lyst til at skabe dig en karriere inden for dette felt, vil du i bogen her få uvurderlig information. Se blot Doc Easons kommentar herunder...

Mere information

  • Introducing his first publication to fellow magicians, Luka unveils the insider secrets and strategies that professional and amateur magicians alike need to thrive in the world of bar magic. In a world where tricks are abundant, Behind the Pine offers something truly invaluable: knowledge. "Behind The Pine" isn't a compilation of tricks and gags; rather, it serves as your guide to succeeding not only in bar magic but also in utilizing the bar as a springboard to advance and expand your career as a magician. Additionally, he infuses the content with a healthy dose of comedy, ensuring that the reading experience is both enjoyable and the lessons memorable.

    Here is just some of what you can expect:

    - Discover how to identify different types of bars and tailor your performance style accordingly.

    - Understand the distinction between a bar magician and a magic bartender.

    - Learn effective strategies for collaborating with bartenders and other bar staff to enhance your performance.

    - Create your own "Magic Menu" and know how to use trickle shows and one-off routines.

    - Identify the five different types of hecklers and how to handle them professionally.

    - Unlock the secrets to maximizing your tips with Luka's dynamic strategy, brimming with psychological techniques, crafting the ultimate tip line, the optimal tip jar design, and what types of routines amplify your income potential.

    Whether you are interested in working the bar as a fun side hustle or as a launchpad for your career, Luka comprehensively covers everything, ensuring you're equipped for success.


    "Wow. I was intrigued by the table of context and blown away when I read it. Well written, informative, funny in places, it's the best resource I've ever seen on the subject." - Doc Eason

    "A great read for anyone who wants to do magic behind a bar. You will be entertained by this book and in turn this book will help you be more entertaining." - Jon Armstrong

    "If you want to work bars, you need this book. If you already work bars, you need this book. If you never want to work bars, you STILL need this book. The strategies in this book will make you a better magician, and make you more money. Besides that, the stories and real world insight is worth the price of admission." - Joe Diamond