CARD FOOLERS - Paul Gordon
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Paul Gordons bøger har det med at gå som varmt brød. Han skriver på en let forståelig måde og hans tricks er af den slags, som man får lyst til at vise - og kan vise. I dette massive værk er der hele 240 nye rutiner. Se videoen for hele 23 (!) eksempler.

Mere information

  • Paul Gordon's "Card Foolers" is a massive book. 240 NEW (or previously-unpublished) powerful routines you can do. Yes, routines you can do; and use. Dozens of the routines are sleight-free or very easy and the rest use standard sleights. There are NO full-deck set-ups, NO memorised deck effects and NO routines using passes, false deals and other heavy sleights. Paul Gordon believes this truly is his very best work. It's genuinely full of foolers. No padding. No spaces. No filler. And, there's a coin trick, a Himber Ring idea and a few number/matrix and anagram effects! Oh, (and buyer beware) and a handful of naughty adult tricks.

    Paul writes in an easy to-read style. Most tricks are described in just one page and often less than that. Short descriptions but detailed and clear descriptions. And, as in Paul's last book Card Startlers, the promo video/trailer shows Paul demonstrating 23 of the effects without any suspicious editing. WYSIWYG. Card Foolers contains a detailed sleights section but a certain basic knowledge of card magic (by you) is required. But, even if you know little about card magic, there's much here to keep you busy. After all, 240 powerful foolers is a heck of a lot of magic in one book.

    Paul has always 'guaranteed' (if you can) that each new book is better than the last. Well, his last book Card Startlers got raves. Paul believes Card Foolers is even better!

    240 NEW routines & 416 Jam-packed pages.
    Cloth-Covered Saddle-Stitched hardback.