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Mangler du ny inspiration til din børneforestilling? Super spændende bog med Scott Green fra Chicago. 21 super underholdende rutiner (med tricks du sikkert allerede har) - og masser af tips og idéer.

Mere information

  • Rigtig spændende og indbydende bog for dig, der optræder for et børne- og familiepublikum. Her får du masser af hemmeligheder og inspiration til at lave bedre rutiner, få publikum med dig og håndtere hele forretningsdelen som entertainer. Desuden får du udførligt beskrevet 21 rigtig fine rutiner (og mange af dem med rekvisitter, som du allerede har i skabet).

    Her er lidt af hvad du kan glæde dig til:

    • How to better control your audience even if it’s filled with smart-aleck kids
    • How to project confidence to your crowd and yourself
    • How to think differently from your competition and embrace your own style
    • How to apply 20 ready-to-use routines and create your own original work
    • How to reinvent props from your magical junk drawer, and much, much more!

    This 300-page book is filled with equal amounts of Scott's philosophy for success and original material. As a matter of fact, you'll find 21 routines that will make you laugh out loud as you appreciate his creativity and unique approach to entertaining children and their parents. This book will be your playbook for creating new shows that will leave all ages cheering. If you like actionable advice, witty reads, and a behind-the-curtain look at an expert’s process, then you’ll love Scott Green’s career-changing guide.

    "Scott Green is a great new voice in magic for children. I enjoyed reading this book and I know you will too." - David Kaye

    “Scott Green is forging new territory in the world of children’s entertainment. I don’t care if you’re a beginner or a lifelong pro, you will learn from Scott’s approach to the art form. You’ll start applying his ideas to your very next show (if not, you’re just plain crazy).” - Christopher T. Magician