HIDDEN GEMS - Mark Elsdon
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Kan du lide at gå på opdagelse i den magiske litteratur? I disse interessante hæfter, inspirerer og guider Mark Elsdon dig rundt i de magiske perler, der er gemt i den magiske litteratur. Nogle af bøgerne har du sikkert allerede.

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  • The best magic that you’re NOT doing!

    These new booklets from Mark Elsdon are a road map to all killer magic you ALREADY OWN!

    For several years Mark Elsdon has collected overlooked tricks that’s already published somewhere; book, magazine, eBook, blog or very occasionally a commercial release. These are tricks that define the very concept of ‘hidden in print’. In each entry he lists the trick, where you can find it, why he loves it and why YOU should look it up. He always describes the effect, occasionally the presentation, but never the method. 

    Most are in books that you already own (or should!), some are in magazines that you can easily get access to. 

    Each publication got 101 of these Hidden Magic Gems. There is a mixture of card, coin and close-up magic, as well as plenty of mentalism, stand-up and cabaret material.


    "Mark has curated a spectacular collection! I am like a kid in a candy store with so many effects and routines I haven't even heard of before. The knowledge and insight that has gone into Hidden Gems is incredible.” - Bro Gilbert

    “I confess that I would prefer to NOT recommend these books, purely for selfish reasons. It’s a treasure chest that will unlock your library and send you racing to fill in any gaps.” - R Paul Wilson

    “Let’s face it; we all know that some of the best stuff is hiding in plain sight. We have all missed a beauty that was staring us right in the face. Well...imagine a book that does the incredible job of giving the savvy magician a second look at that killer material. Mark’s “Hidden Gems” does exactly that! A collection of high-impact magic, cherry picked to only give you the best of the best. Polish up these “Hidden Gems”. They are a true treasure. And so is Mark’s book.” - Jonathan Friedman

    “Hidden Gems is such a great idea for a publication, and will start many hours of treasure hunting - and Mark has gone to the trouble of ensuring that you will be uncovering gold. Highest recommendation.” - Liam Montier