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Bestil David Regals nye flotte bog. 500 sider med over 60 rutiner - til close-up, stand-up og scenen - og ledsaget af over 1000 fotos. Desuden finder du over 30 spændende interviews med folk, der virkelig har noget på hjerte.

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  • David Regal is behind magic seen by millions of people around the globe. He is the head writer and co-executive producer of TV's The Carbonaro Effect, where, over the course of six years, he created and collaborated on literally hundreds of original effects. He has written for, and designed effects for, stage performers who perform internationally, in Vegas showrooms, and on Broadway stages. His television writing credits range from kid shows to sitcoms and he is responsible for some of the best-selling tricks and instructional magic books of his generation.

    10 years after "Approaching Magic", his last top-selling book was released, now comes "Interpreting Magic" by David Regal.

    - Over 60 routines for close-up, parlor & stage.
    - Over 500 large pages.
    - Over 1,000 photographs.
    - 30+ conversations with artists, inventors, and contributors to the magic craft.
    - Introduction by Michael Carbonaro.

    "This book offers a wealth of wonderful ideas that will ignite your passion of magic and put you to work." - Asi Wind

    "If this book only had the magic routines, it would be worth the price. If this book only had the essays, it would be worth the price. If this book only had the interviews, it would be worth the price. To get all three, packed into a beautifully produced, 565-page book is a gift. In fact, it's the gift that keeps on giving, because I know you will return to it often to find magic you previously overlooked and to remind yourself of the wealth of useful information contained within." - Michael Close

    "David Regal understands more than magic - he understands the moment." - David Copperfield

    "Interpreting Magic is OUSTANDING, and I look forward to returning to it again and again." - Joshua Jay